Tips and Tricks to Saving on Your Energy Bill

Dated: June 28 2021

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Summer has arrived just as hot and humid as we remember. Is your energy bill slowly creeping up and up each month as it gets warmer outside? There’s a ton of small and simple things you can do everyday to help keep your energy bill low, but not have to suffer from the heat. 


Let’s start in the kitchen with a few tips to cut costs on your energy bill when it’s a scorching Kansas summer. 


  • Turn your fridge up just a tad; Your fridge is usually set about 2-4 degrees colder than it really needs to be. Fruit, veggies, dairy products, and meat are all perfectly happy anywhere from 36-38 degrees instead of the 33 or 34 degrees your fridge is probably set at. 


  • Keep your fridge and freezer stocked full. Keeping them both stocked not only gives you plenty of options for dinner, but also makes less space that your fridge and freezer have to keep cold! 


  • Turn off and unplug your coffee maker. It most likely has a clock on it that keeps time all day and just uses extra power. Your microwave and stove already have a clock on them, so you can unplug your coffee maker when you are done with it in the morning. In fact, anything in your home that you don’t use regularly should be unplugged, it is amazing how much power some of the smaller items in your house can use!


  • Running your dishwasher can save you over 5,000 gallons of water per year versus hand-washing dishes. Obviously, there are some kitchen items that need to be hand washed, but let your dishwasher do its job for the ones that don’t need special treatment! However, pulling your dishes out to air-dry instead of letting the dishwasher dry them can also save a good amount of energy, and a pretty penny, too. 


  • Cooking with lids on can save you half the time standing at the stove and save you energy! Stir your noodles, put the lid on the pot, and then leave them alone for a while. Your cooking will go much faster and your wallet will thank you. Firing up your grill outside instead of using the oven can also save energy and makes for a fun cookout night!


It’s no secret that line-drying your laundry can be a huge money-saver! Besides hanging your pantalones outside, we came up with a few extra tips to help save energy in the laundry room. 


  • Do your laundry at night (this also pertains to your dishwasher). Doing laundry during peak energy usage hours can end up costing you a lot of money. Waiting to wash your clothes until after sunset can save a lot of energy. 


  • Clean your lint screen after every single dry. This is super important for other reasons besides energy saving (like preventing a house fire). Clean your dryer’s exhaust once every 1-2 months. This will increase airflow through the dryer and you won’t have to use so much energy to get your clothes dry. Cleaning out the entire dryer lint area can be a hassle, but it is important to stay on top of. This cleaning kit off Amazon has hoses that connect to your vacuum cleaner and enable you to reach down in the nooks and crannies in your dryer to make it easier to clean out!


  • It is a myth that hot water cleans your clothes better than cold water. Wash your clothes in cold water. You’ll see a difference on your energy bill next month, I promise. 


Changing your light to LED bulbs is a huge game changer and money saver. Plus, they last longer, so you’re saving on energy and trips to the store. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but LED bulbs live up to the hype. Using smart power strips (in a safe and smart way), is also an easy option to cut costs in any room. Instead of having to individually unplug things when you leave the house, you can just turn your power strip off and boom, problem solved. 


Everybody loves windows and lots of natural lighting, but windows aren’t your best friend in the summer. 


  • Your blinds and pretty curtains are for more than just show! Utilize them to block cool air from leaving your home. 


  • Adding plants on your windowsill and around the general area of windows can help provide extra sun blockage and shade to areas in your home!


  • Make sure your windows seal properly. It might be time to pull out the caulking or get a window replaced if it is letting a lot of warm air in.


Some other random tips that will help you save money:


  • Turn the temperature on your hot water heater down.

  • Clean your refrigerator coils.

  • Use weather strips on doors.

  • Make sure no furniture is blocking vents. 

  • Switch the direction of your ceiling fans.

Your summer can be cool and energy-efficient! There are so many different things you can do to keep your energy bill from spiking during the summer months, you just have to be willing and diligent about making them a habit. Most of these tips apply all year-round, too! 

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Summer has arrived just as hot and humid as we remember. Is your energy bill slowly creeping up and up each month as it gets warmer outside? There’s a ton of small and simple things you can do

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