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Dated: May 25 2021

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Summer is quickly approaching and the housing market is hot- this may mean that you’re moving soon! Moving can seem like an impossible and daunting task at first, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve got some tips, tricks, and ideas to help you move efficiently and make sure your prized possessions stay safe in the craziness!

So, you’ve got a ton of boxes and storage bins ready to be packed up. Where do you even start? The most important thing to keep in mind as you’re packing and moving from one place to another is to get creative! A great way to move clothing is to fold up your clothes and use your dresser drawers as a way to transport them from place to place. It saves boxes and you’ll probably take your drawers out of the dresser to move anyways, so you might as well utilize them. Picking up vacuum-seal bags from Walmart or Amazon is also a good way to maximize space during a move and I’ve linked some here. A step you should add to your pre-moving checklist is taking an afternoon to go through your closet and box up clothes you haven’t worn in over a year. We’d recommend donating clothes to the USD 383 FIT closet, which helps to provide clothing and hygiene products to students in the Manhattan area facing homelessness and/or poverty. Purging your closet before a move helps save space and freshen up your wardrobe for your new home!

Looking to get all of your things moved quickly? Look into hiring movers, renting a moving van, or borrowing a friend's trailer. We’d recommend Flint Hills Moving if you’re in the Manhattan area! A professional moving team can quickly and efficiently get you settled into your new home and you can relax during the process knowing your belongings are in good hands. Here are a few questions you should ask a moving team if you decide to hire one:

  • Can this moving company do everything I need? All moving companies are different and may not offer all specialized services (moving pianos or hot tubs, furniture assembly/disassembly, vehicle shipping, and cleaning services)  when it comes to moving.

  • Does this company have any hidden fees? Check reviews and ask around to see if anyone was charged hidden or surprise fees on the day of the move. You won’t want to get caught paying more than you signed up for. 

  • Does this company do background checks? Strangers will be entering your old and new home and touching all of your belongings. Ensuring the employees have had sufficient background checks can reduce your stress level as strangers are handling your possessions! 

  • How does this company deal with loss and damage claims? In the craziness of loading, transportation, and unloading there is a chance that something will break or go missing. Be sure to ask how the company handles these situations before you schedule and sign with them. 

Renting a moving van can save you lots of time, because it offers space that you just won’t have if you’re driving a car or SUV back and forth. You can rent a moving van/truck at Midwest Ace Hardware on the east side of town to make sure you have plenty of space!

If you have furniture that needs to be taken apart in order to move, we’d suggest grabbing your toolbox and disassembling the day before the move. Just make sure to mark each piece of the furniture item so you know what goes where! This saves time and energy on the hectic moving day and will clear up space during transport. It is also a great idea to clean your furniture the day before the move so that it is spick and span when it makes it to it’s new spot in your house.

The most important part of moving is to make sure you have sturdy boxes and (a lot) of strong pack tape. Grab your favorite sharpie and mark each box with the room it goes in (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) and what exactly is in the box (cleaning supplies, dishes, books, etc.). Marking your boxes, and even using different colored sharpies for each room, can save you a huge headache and a not-so-fun guessing game as to what goes where. It is worth it to take the extra minute as you’re packing a box to ensure you know what is in it. Investing in some nice storage containers for a move is also a great idea, because they are extremely multi-purposeful and can be used for years down the road. Clear storage containers can prove extremely useful, as well, so you can see what exactly is in the bin. These storage bins are awesome and have a latch lid, handle, and wheels to make your move efficient and easy!

While moving can sometimes seem impossible, just remember there are tons of tips and tricks to help you and your things get from one place to the next safely and efficiently. Happy moving!

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