Beat the Summer Heat in Kansas

Dated: May 10 2021

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As that summer heat moves in you’ll want to make sure your home is ready to beat the heat and keep you cool! Let’s go over some of the best ways to prep your home for those hot and muggy days that summer brings! 

The first (and arguably the most important) is to inspect and service your air conditioning unit! If you’ve spent a day outside in the garden or just lounging in the shade, you definitely won’t want to come inside to find that your AC isn’t working. Replace your filters and turn the unit on (preferably before it is the first day the temps reach over 75) to see how well it is working. If you notice that the unit isn’t as cool as it should be or if it is not cooling as fast as it should be, give your AC professional a call! We’d recommend D&I Repair for any AC unit servicing needs!

Living in the midwest comes along with some pretty crazy weather. Make sure your home is prepared for all of the thunderstorms, wind, and lightning. Make sure your home weather-proof before the next summer shower rolls in! Start by checking around doors and windows to make sure there aren’t any air leaks. Not only do you not want to let the weather in, you don’t want to let your cool air out! Re-caulking and door draft-stoppers are good solutions for making sure you aren’t cooling the entire block. If you’re seeing signs of water damage or have any small leaks in your ceiling, it’s best to tend to those before you start getting bucketfuls of rainwater on your floors. Weddle and Sons is our go-to roof maintenance and repair company, so be sure to check them out if you’re needing an inspection or any repairs!

 With the warmer weather comes all of the bugs and outside critters that want to find a way into your nice and cool home. Check around your foundation and siding to see if there are any cracks that pests might want to hole up in to get away from the heat. We’d recommend American Pest Management here in Manhattan if you’re needing a quick spray for pests around your property before the summer starts. 

The best part of summer-izing your home is bringing out the outdoor furniture! Grab your favorite lounge chairs, outdoor tables, and stand-up umbrellas to make that cozy lounge spot for you and your friends. Check for cracks or breaks in your furniture beforehand so you’re ready for the first warm afternoon. To add a little extra color to your backyard, look into planting some flowers that will last all summer. Marigolds, petunias, and geraniums are all good options that can survive the heat and add some brightness around your home. Check out Britt’s Farm for a huge selection of flowers and other gardening needs!

Once your house is prepped and ready for summer in Kansas, it’s time to grab a cold glass of lemonade and a good book for some lounging in the shade with friends and family!

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Beat the Summer Heat in Kansas

As that summer heat moves in you’ll want to make sure your home is ready to beat the heat and keep you cool! Let’s go over some of the best ways to prep your home for those hot and muggy

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