Brice Ebert, Kansas Top Agent 2020

Dated: January 6 2021

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Kansas Top Real Estate Agent, Brice Ebert

Brice Ebert had a very prestigious entree into the real estate business. After graduating from Kansas State University, he moved to Denver where he worked on the personal golf course owned by Dave Liniger, the visionary leader of Re/Max. “I was learning from the best about real estate,” Brice recalls. “It was only natural to go into the business fulltime.” He obtained his license in Colorado and then moved home to Kansas 16 years ago, never looking back.

Brice is now the broker/owner of RESOURCE Real Estate Group in Manhattan, Kansas, where he runs both real estate and property management companies. “Both divisions run cohesively through a great team of people,” Brice notes. With a high yearly sales volume, Brice reports that a majority of his business is repeat and referral clientele. “My saying has always been ‘If you work hard and be good to people, they’ll always come back and refer you,’” he says. “And I’ve found that to be true.”

It’s not surprising that Brice receives stellar reviews for his esteemed work ethic. One client recently wrote: “Brice was amazing to work with as first-time home buyers! We were very unsure of how the process of home buying went, what steps were necessary, and how to even go about choosing a realtor. He went above and beyond to make the entire experience fun, stressless, and very informative for us. He’s awesome!

“This industry has brought me a lot of knowledge and experience in real estate relationship-building,” Brice notes. “I do whatever it takes to assure that my listings show at their best. For all my clients I endeavor to ensure I know exactly what they want. It’s very important to me that I’m available to answer their questions and help with opportunities, because a good partnership will breed successful results. Many of my clients have become close friends.”

Brice believes in staying in touch with his clients on a personal level. “Being a native of the area, I often run into clients around the community. I like to check in with them to see how they’re doing or if they need anything from me, regardless of if it’s business or life related,” he notes. To market his listings, Brice works with his in-house team on house preparations, maintenance, and marketing. “It’s great to have people right here that I can communicate with,” he says. “We work together to develop appropriate timelines for when and how we showcase each property.”

Brice loves getting his clients across the finish line. “Buying and selling a home can be very stressful,” he explains. “It’s my job to walk my clients through the process, explain each step and let them know when they can relax and when I need them to be at the ready. The goal is to work hard and make it look easy.”

Brice believes in giving back and being active in the area. He supports various organizations within the community year-round. When not working, Brice enjoys spending time with his wife, Rachel, and daughters Addison, Amelia, and Lydia. Some of his hobbies include fishing, hunting, and being in the mountains of Colorado.

Moving forward, Brice plans to continue to meet the needs of his community. “It’s so important for me to maintain my education and personal development, as well as adapt to the ever-changing market,” he says. “In this business, you must get one percent better every day.” 

To learn more about Brice Ebert, email  him at or call 785-410-7095.

Brice Ebert, Realtor / Broker with Resource Real Estate Group

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